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, Yulu Miracle Electric Scooters Launched in Electronic City, Bangaluru
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Yulu Miracle Electric Scooters Launched in Electronic City, Bangaluru

App based bike sharing platform Yulu launches their Electric Scooter Miracle in Electronic City, Bangaluru.

From its very inception, Yulu has believed that their Electric Scooter Miracle would solve the Traffic Problem of Bangaluru.

Here’s How:-

As per their Analysis, two-third of the Trips in Bangaluru are of less than 5 Kilometres distance.

From their customer data they realised that people were not ready to depend on their Bicycle for trips which were longer than 2 kilometres.

The reason was primarily a requirement of shorter ride time and faster vehicle to commute when it came to trips over 2 kilometres.

That’s when Yulu came up with their Electric Scooter Miracle which has now been introduced into the Electronic City of Bangaluru.

This was made possible by Yulu with the association of ELCITA (Electronics City Industrial Township Authority).

A total of 200 Yulu Miracles have been released at Electrics City as of now.

Yulu on UBER

If you don’t know this yet, Yulu has entered a partnership with Uber.

As per the partnership, Uber basically recommends its Users to opt for Yulu instead of Uber for a Short Distance ride.

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