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procus convoy, Procus Convoy Review : Car Dash Camera Review|Dash Cam
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Procus Convoy Review : Car Dash Camera Review|Dash Cam

Procus Review :- Procus Convoy, the Car Dash Cam is allegedly the most famous Car Dash Camera in India.

But, why is it so?

What makes it so popular?

Today I will do an in-depth Review of the Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera.

Let’s Begin.

What’s the Price Tag ?

Procus Review is priced at ₹3699 (when I last checked it).

You may check if there’s any discount available on it right now :-

Check Price

Oh wait, you will also have to buy a SanDisk 32 GB memory Card with it seperately.

I recommend this Memory Card :-

Buy Memory Card

What is a Car Dash Camera ?

Dash Camera are Video Recording Devices which are meant to Record Video evidences of any crime or incident that happens on road.

In India, 1 person dies every 4 minute due to a Fatal Road Accident.

And at times, the good Driver gets punishment by the Law due to lack of proper evidence to prove his innocence.

A dash camera is one such device that helps a person to record the real incident live at the time of an accident.

Not just Accidents, but a car dash camera can also help you collect evidences of crime against the Driver by any roadside pedestrian.

It also helps in women empowerment as it helps on securing the safety of Women Car/Taxi Drivers.

You can even monitor your children’s driving habits and also record any road rage against you.

Features / Specifications :-

1. Procus is most Proud of its 6 Months Support

2. 1080 HD Recording

3. 120° (120 degree) Camera View angle

4. Loop Recoding makes videos in Gap to avoid lack of storage issues

5. Comes with a G-Sensor which keeps the video recording intact even after an Accident

6. Park Mode & Motion Detection acts as a proximity sensor even when the Car is not in Motion

7. 1920 X 1080 Full Resolution Recording

8. H.264 Compression Photography Technology 

9. Superior Night Vision due to Class A Lens

10. Full Metal Frame Body with Smart Automatic Detection of ignition/motion/crash/vibration

Additional Details :-

Procus Convoy also comes with a Car Charger, Manual, a USB Charger and a Car Mount (without any extra charges).

The Dash Cam also comes with an inbuilt Lithium-ion Battery Pack.

Did it live upto its Promise ?

1. Daylight Recording is satisfactory.

At Night, the Recording majorly depends on your Headlight Lamps.

2. The Camera does actually turns On and Off with ignition seamlessly.

3. There’s an issue with Returning the Product back to the Manufacturer in case you’re not satisfied with it.

4. At Times, Procus Convoy Dash Cam doesn’t save your Recorded Files which makes it a bit unreliable and dissolves the innate purpose of owning a Dash Cam.

5. Number Plates can’t be read in Night time recordings.

6. Power Adapter is not long lasting. Would give you an average life span of a Year

7. Buttons and Fuctions are not much User Friendly

8. Data Transfer is a difficult task as you need USB cables to transfer the Videos onto the Computer/ Laptop.

Procus Convoy doesn’t support WiFi Transfer of Data

9. Charging Port of the Camera is V3 type and not USB or Type C as we see in most Electronic Devices today

10. Battery Life is decent and not above Average.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it comes with a Memory Card?

Ans :- No it doesn’t comes with a Memory Card. You’ve to buy it seperately at your own expense.

2. Does the Parking Mode turns on Automatically?

Ans :- Yes it does but only after you’ve turned the Parking Mode On while leaving your Vehicle.

It turns on Automatically and records for 10-30 seconds if anything happens to your Car when it is parked.

3. What if the Memory Card is Full and I’m still Driving?

Ans :- It has Loop Recording Feature. Meaning that it would automatically delete the oldest clips from the Memory Card to create Space for the New Video Recordings

4. Does it records both Front and Read Side of the Car ?

Ans :- No, it has a 120° view angle (120 degree view angle).

You need to place it as per your desired direction and it will record 120° from ths location.

It doesn’t have both side / two way recording facility.

5. Can we stop the Loop Recoding Feature ?

Ans :- Yes you can do it by selecting the “Lock” button (It has a lock icon on the button).

This saves the Recorded video from getting deleted even when the storage is Full.

Final Opinion

At ₹3699 + 300 for a SanDisk 32 GB Memory Card, Procus Convoy is one of the most feature rich and affordable Car Dash Cam available in India.

Buy Now

If you have a better budget, you should opt for a begger Product which has good ‘Night Vision Camera’ and WiFi Data Transfer facility.

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