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, Polarity E Bike Spotted Testing in Pune
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Polarity E Bike Spotted Testing in Pune

Polarity Electric Bike was Spotted Testing on the streets of Pune.

The Bike allegedly has a Top Speed of 100 kmph.

Don’t misjudge this e-bike as just another Electric Bike we already have in Indian market.

It might look like a Usual one.

Apart from its 100 kmph top speed promise, Polarity had also claimed that their Electric Bike has a range of 80 Kilometres.

If you don’t know it yet, if it actually has a range of 80 Kilometres, Polarity Ebike will get Government Subsidy as per FAME – II Scheme.

If the promises of Polarity is considered to be true, we can expect a better motor than the 250 Watts Motor which is already available in the Market.

Apart from the Powerful Machinery and engineering, Polarity E Bike allegedly also has a lot of design features that stands apart.

It has loaded its E Bike with LED indicators and inverted forks.

It also has a motorcycle-like switchgear, an LCD instrument cluster and a gas-charged monoshock for the Rear.

With all these speculated hardware, Polarity E Bike might be priced at ₹80,000 and above.

Specifically, its 80 Kilometres Range promise is a Market killer as none of the available E Bikes in the market has a Range over 30 Kilometres.

Not to mention the FAME – II subsidy which will make it even better if it actually has the range of 80 Kilometres.

Stay Tuned for More Updates 🙂

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