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, DOT, Okinawa & e-HIRAN – Indian EV Manufacturers into Green Logistics
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DOT, Okinawa & e-HIRAN – Indian EV Manufacturers into Green Logistics

What is Green Logistics ?

Green Logistics is simply an attempt to minimise the environmental impact of the process of Logistics.

In other words, Green Logistics is an Eco-friendly way of conducting the logistics part of the Business.

But, How are EV Manufacturers Helping them?

Well, all these three Companies namely DOT, Okinawa and e-HIRAN are pushing Electric Vehicles into the Logistics industry.

Using Electric Vehicles over the Traditional ones that runs on fossil fuels minimises a lot of negative environmental impact.

Let’s look at these firms one by one :-

DOT – Go With Dot

DOT – Go With Dot has a unique PPP Model.

PPP Model is all about delivering People, Packages and Promises on Time.

Dot caters to some of the biggest eCommerce, Online Merchandise and Online Food Businesses like Amazon, Grofers, Blue Dart, Swiggy, Lenskart, McDonald’s and Faasos and many more.

Go with DOT is currently available in some of the major cities of India like Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Meerut, Haridwar, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Raipur and Jhansi.

Dot has made it easy for the clients to order their EV for Pick-ups and Rides through is proprietary Mobile Platform.

The Business Model of DOT is based on pay per kilometre depending on the Vehicle chosen by the Client.


Okinawa is another Electric Vehicle Startup from India which is revolutionizing the Logistics industry with their Electric Vehicle Solutions.

On the front-end, Okinawa will be seen as an Electric Scooter Manufacturer.

Infact, Okinawa E Scooter are the first Indian Scooter to get subsidy from the Government as per FAME – II scheme.

Okinawa has not one or two, but SIX Electric Scooters in its portfolio. Namely :-

1. Okinawa I-Praise

2. Okinawa Ridge +

3. Okinawa Ridge

4. Okinawa Praise

5. Okinawa Raise

6. Okinawa Ridge 30

Some of the famous Companies like Pizza Hut (Gurgaon), Vogo (Bangalore), Bikxie (Delhi), Fae Bikes (Bangalore) and KDM Group (Noida) are attached with Okinawa for their Delivery and last mile connectivity.


With Swiggy as their Partner and 18000 Manpower all across India, e-HIRAN is the clearly the underdog of the EV industry.

e-HIRAN is the name of the company as well as the the name of their E Bike.

You can Rent an e-Hiran as a Logistics company for ₹3500 per month.

This cost includes all necessary maintenance, servicing and cost of electronics at every 5-10 kilometres.

The E bike, e-HIRAN has a range of 100 Kilometres which takes 2.5 hours to get Fully Charged.

That’s pretty impressive I must say!


Okinawa, DOT and e-HIRAN are clearly pioneering the Green logistics solutions in India.

Earlier this week, DDCD of Delhi was discussing a new subsidy scheme for app-based doorstep delivery platforms to push the adoption of EVs.

I hope the transition from Fossil Fuels to Electric takes place as fast as possible.

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