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, Hyundai Kona Electric Review – EV SUV Car in India
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Hyundai Kona Electric Review – EV SUV Car in India

My Second article on this website was about Hyundai Kona Electric.

And now we are finally here with its Review.

Below are the Features I took into consideration while reviewing India’s First EV SUV Car.

1. Range

2. Battery

3. Motor Power

4. Torque

5. Driving Modes

6. Time Required for 0 – 100 kmph

7. Boot Space

8. Legroom for Passengers

9. Gearbox

10. Price

Let’s look at these Features one-by-one.

1. Range

The Top Variant of Hyundai Kona is expected to have a Range of 490 Kilometres !

The base variant of Kona Electric is expected to have a Range of 312 Kilometres !

490 Kilometres Range is definitely enough for my whole week’s traveling!

Rating Range of Kona EV :- 9/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

2. Battery

Kona Electric comes with a Lithium Ion Battery.

The Top Variant of Kona would deliver 39.2 kWh Battery Power.

In Electric Vehicles, your battery is everything.

And Kona has done a Great Job so far.

Rating Battery of Kona Electric :- 8.5/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

3. Motor Power

Apart from Range, Motor Power is another very Important Feature of an electric car.

You must not compromise over your Motor Power as it may cost you a lot in the long run.

Thankfully, Hyundai Kona doesn’t disappoints and comes with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

This Motor of Hyundai Kona can deliver upto 150 kW Power to your car.

Rating Motor of Hyundai Kona :- 8/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

4. Torque

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the real meaning of Torque in a Car.

Let me explain you just in case if you’re wondering.

Torque of a Car is the amount of Turning Power of your Car.

It says a lot about the Quality of Engine that you get with your Car.

Kona has got 395 Nm Torque which is pretty impressive for any Car, not just an EV.

Rating Kona on Torque :- 9/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

5. Driving Modes of Kona

Kona Electric has 3 Driving Modes in Total.

1. Eco

2. Comfort

3. Sports

Let me explain you about these one by one.

1. Eco Mode in Hyundai Kona is the most cost effective way of driving your Car.

In simple words, driving in Eco Mode is like using your Smartphone in Battery Saver Mode.

It is a great mode when you are skeptical about the mileage/range available at hand while driving the car.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the Eco Mode at all.

But, it is not something to be like about. Clearly the Eco mode is to use your Smartphone only to Receive Calls and send Messages.

Not bad at times of emergency when you need more Range and less power.

2. Comfort Mode is all about Normal regular Driving Experience.

It is the Best Mode when you’re driving for the regular Office to Home journey.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with comfort.

Although, you’d like driving in straight lines more than turning your Kona Car is tight spaces.

3. Sports Mode is the ultimate Mode in Hyundai Kona Electric which gives you the Full Power of your Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

In full throttle you won’t just move completely at extreme speed.

But when it starts to move, if goes really fast, nice and easy.

The key to driving in Sports Mode is having superior handling.

And Kona Electric surely gives you the Handling Power quite well.

Rating Driving Modes of Kona :- 8/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

6. Time Required for 0-100 KMPH

Imagine you’re running late for the Office.

And, you see a clear traffic in front of your eyes.

What’s the Best your Car can give when you’re behind the wheels?

That’s what 0-100 kmph is all about.

And Hyundai Kona takes an impressive 9 SECONDS TIME ONLY to go from 0-100 kmph!

What!! That’s insane!

Review Rating 0-100 kmph time :- 10/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

7. Boot Space

Boot Space is the place where you keep all your luggage while traveling.

Sadly, the Boot Space in Kona Electric isn’t too much.

I mean, why? Why did Hyundai didn’t care to give enough Boot Space after making such a beautiful Car?

I’m disappointed.

This clearly indicates that despite the SUV muscular body, Hyundai don’t expect you to take your Kona for a Long Distance Travel.

Rating Bootspace of Kona Electric :- 6/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

8. Legroom for Passengers

Hyundai don’t want you to be chauffeur driven to your destination.

Simply as the Legroom for the passengers riding in the back of the car is not enough.

Well, I know, Hyundai had to keep their Budget as low as possible.

Yet, legroom is an important aspect and you would not enjoy sitting in the back seats for a long time.

Rating Legroom in Kona Electric :- 7/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

9. Gearbox

The Top Variant of Hyundai Kona gets an Automatical Gearbox.

Accordig to Rumours floating around, all the versions of Hyundai Kona are expected to get AMT.

But, let’s not jump to conclusions and wait for the official declaration.

Rating Gearbox of Kona :- 9/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic

10. Price

Hyundai Electric is expected to get a price tag between 20 Lakh – 25 Lakh.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I think it is quite competitively priced keeping in mind that you’re getting a SUV that’s Electric.

The Range, Power, Automatic Gearbox and all other features definitely justify the price tag of 25 lakh.

Let’s wait for the official announcement of the Price tag by Hyundai.

Till then stay Tuned as I’ll continue to update you with all the EV News that’s happening in India.

Rating Price tag of Kona Electric :- 9/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic


Should you Buy Hyundai Kona Electric?

Yes! If I were you i would have bought Kona Electric.

With a Range as high as 490 kilometres, it is quite safe to ride the Kona Electric even though the Charging Stations in India are not so frequently available.

Not to forget, buying an EV will also be a great contribution from your family for the environment.

Someone has to start thinking about it before it’s too late, correct?

I recommend buying Hyundai Kona Electric, Overall Rating :- 8/10

Dibakar Bala, Founder, E Vehic
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