How to become the first choice in your potential buyer’s mind even before they visit your Car Dealership?

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There are majorly two types of money-making Websites.

One that directly sells from their Website.

And, the other one that generates Lead through the Website.

An example of one that sells directly through a website would be any E-Commerce store.

An example of Lead Generating Website would be a Personal Finance Blog.

The way Lead Generating websites make money is Lead Nurturing.

I know this because I personally have a portfolio of 12 Affiliate Marketing Websites.

Now, Car Dealership Website is also a Lead Generating Website.

But, what most Dealers don’t care about is ‘Lead Nurturing’.

They mostly focus on Prospecting, Qualifying & Closing through Phone Calls & during Test Drives visits.

This is where I saw a Huge Opportunity.

When most Automotive Digital Marketers would focus on generating leads and passing them on to the Sales Team at the Dealership.

I went a step ahead and created my indoctrination sequence which would pre-condition leads to be more acquainted with your Dealership.

Here’s something you need to understand.

People don’t just buy cars.

If that was true, you won’t need a beautiful looking facility or 3 Year free warranty schemes.

Because People don’t just buy cars. They buy the entire experience.

They buy ‘Peace of Mind’ ownership for the next 3-5 years.

They buy into the ‘friendliness’ & ‘customer-centricity’ of your Team

So, if you can create a Lead Nurturing Funnel where you take your leads through a journey about how you treat all your customers, they’ll be pre-conditioned to buy from you (and not from your competition) even before they visit your Facility for a Test Drive.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you grow your dealership sales, click the button below & watch my Free Case Study Video where I talk about my battle-tested framework called the ‘Predictability System’.

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