How much should you spend on Digital Marketing as a Car Dealer?

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This Question in itself is incorrect.

The correct question would be:

What are the KPIs for a Car Dealership Digital Marketing campaign?

And the answer is not ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’ or Website Traffic’ or even ‘Lead’

And the answer is ‘Sale’ 

If you can’t trace back your ‘Sale’ to your Digital Marketing efforts

There is something fundamentally wrong with your understanding of Digital Marketing for Dealership

Don’t look out for the next ‘shiny-object’ in Digital Marketing

Design a 100% trackable Campaign and eliminate everything else that’s eating up your Profit Margins in the name of the newest ‘Digital Marketing Hack’ (which in reality adds little to no value to your Revenue)

To answer mathematically, you should spend x amount on digital marketing when you are at least making a 2x directly traceable return on investment from your digital marketing efforts.

Cut the Gimmicky Fluff!

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