How I’m handling Apple iOS 14 vs FB Ads issue for my Car Dealership Clients?

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Apple is about to roll out a New Data Privacy Feature which would restrict data collection unless people opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices.

This will directly affect every Facebook Ad campaign and Car Dealerships aren’t an exception either.

In response to Apple’s New Privacy Policy, Facebook has made some changes to its Ad Tracking & Reporting.

From now onwards, 28-day click-through, 28-day view-through, and 7-day view-through attribution will not be supported for any of your advertising campaigns.

Rather, you would be able to see 1-day click, 7-day click-through (default after Apple’s iOS update), 1-day click & 1-day view, and 7-day click & 1-day view attribution going forward.

As more people opt out of tracking via the in-app prompt, conversion tracking (pixel firing) & ad personalization would be very difficult, to say the least.

This would also have a direct impact on Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience Creation as the Audience size would see a significant reduction.

Many Car Dealers have started worrying about how these changes are going to affect them?

So, I thought of sharing how I am planning to tackle this Issue for my existing Car Dealership Clients.

Step 1 – Please turn all your adsets to 7 Day Click Attribution 

Step 2 – Remove iOS from the Targeting for now for all your Stable Campaigns

Step 3 – Start using Rules, especially the Cut Off Rule. If your CBO campaign or ABO campaign is not giving results in your Desired CPA, then turn it off.

More like If CPA > Rs X, then turn this ABO off. 

X = Your desired CPA for a Lead

Run this rule at every 30 minutes to avoid any losses throughout the day if you have a Big Ad Budget.

Step 4 – Make fresh campaigns targeting just iOS devices, keep it at a low budget to understand how they are behaving as opposed to others.

If your desired CPA is achieved, then you can continue scaling them, or else you can kill them using Rules.

These are the steps I am taking at E Vehic to curb all the losing campaigns for my Car Dealership Clients, and I hope this helps you to save your Car Dealership Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Campaigns as well.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you grow your dealership sales, click the button below & watch my Free Case Study Video where I talk about my battle-tested framework called the ‘Predictability System’.

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