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, EV Blogs in India – Top 3 (Electric Vehicles Blog)
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EV Blogs in India – Top 3 (Electric Vehicles Blog)

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1. EVehic

Web URL :- http://EVehic.com

Founder :- Dibakar Bala, Kolkata 

Launched in 2019, EVehic stands for Electric Vehicles.

EVehic is India’s No. 1 Electric Vehicles Blog.

It strives to facilitate the Electric Vehicle scene in India.

If you want us to Review your Electric Vehicle, invite us to a Launch Event or need help with Online Marketing of your Electric Car or Bike, contact me at [email protected]

2. Plug in India

Web URL :- Pluginindia.com

Founder :- Kamlesh Mallick

Team Members :-

Farah & Raphae Halim

Kedar Soman

Abhishek Uchil 

Ashish Gupta

Amit Gupta

Plug in India is the oldest Electric Vehicle Blog in India. 

It started way back in 2009-2010.

They started the whole Electric Vehicle Blogging scene in India which is now being joined by Many New Bloggers.

Plug in India writes about Everything Electric in India.

Not just Cars or bikes, it even writes about retrofitting electric batteries in old Car Models.

3. Electric Vehicles

Web URL :- https://ElectricVehicles.in

Founder :- Bhargavi

Team Members :-

Shiva Kandula

Krishna Chaitanya Mandela

Rohan Singh

Launched in 2018, Electric Vehicles is determined to become India’s Best Blog in the Electric Vehicle segment.

I’ve personally had conversation with Bhargavi.

She is bullish on the Electric Future of India.

The Blog writes particularly about Electric Cars and bikes and reviews them.

What are EV Blogs or Electric Vehicle Blogs?

The EV scene in India is extremely nascent.

Currently, We only have 1 outdated Electric Car.

People are reluctant to buy new cars due to the lack of charging stations.

EV Blogs on the other hand are trying to bring a change by creating awareness among the people about the benefits of Electric Vehicles over traditional transportation.

– Dibakar Bala
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