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, Bajaj Urbanite entering the EV Market in 2019-2020
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Bajaj Urbanite entering the EV Market in 2019-2020

Bajaj Auto, one of India’s Largest Automobile Manufacturing Company is planning to become an Electric Vehicles Manufacturer very soon.

As per the Rumours, Bajaj Auto is about to start producing EVs by the end of 2019.

Their Electric Vehicle segment would be called Urbanite.

The E Scooter is Speculated to have a retro look as Bajaj is re-entering the Scooter Segment.

Include Bajaj Urbanite, now Bajaj has total 5 segments under its Brand. Namely :-

1. KTM – Professional Bikes

2. Bajaj Motorcycles

3. Commercial Vehicles

4. Exports

5. Bajaj Urbanite – Electric Vehicles

Although, Bajaj is all set to start with Two Wheelers, Urbanite will cover all the EV that will be produced by Bajaj.

Although, this time, it will be Electric.

Infact, there’s also a rumour that Bajaj Auto is set to bring their First Electric Two Wheelers by April 2020.

Earlier this Year, Bajaj had entered a deal with the KTM to produce 48 Volt Electric Two Wheelers Platform.

The Power Range of the expected Platform would be 3 to 10 Kilowatts.

The whole production is set to be done at Bajaj’s Production Site in Pune, India.

This platform would support multiple Electric Vehicles like scooters, mopeds, small mopeds,etc.

Such a versatile platform is beneficial for both the Brands, BAJAJ & KTM ( as well as all the under brands of both partners ).

Apart from Two Wheelers, Bajaj is also India’s Largest three wheeler Manufacturer.

This indicates that Government may finally be approving the ₹ 20,000 Direct Subsidy for Electric Vehicles.

As only then, Bajaj would take the risk to Manufacture Electric Three Wheelers in near future.

We are quite keen on electric.It is an important development for the future and to prepare and learn from this development as it unfolds

Bajaj Official

We are developing prototypes across the bay, however what will come out first is a question we will be addressing shortly. But it should happen this year

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director, Bajaj Auto.
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