evehic.com presents an exciting development in India’s electric vehicle industry: the introduction of the “Simple One” electric scooter, a game-changer in the market. The Simple One is engineered with a 5kWh lithium-ion battery, offering an impressive range of 212 km on a single charge. It stands out with its dual-battery pack, one fixed and one removable, providing exceptional power and flexibility.

The scooter’s design is notable for its robust build, weighing in at 134 kg, making it the heaviest in its category in India. It offers a comfortable ride with a taller seat height and an extended wheelbase, supported by a tubular steel chassis and a mono-shock arrangement.

In terms of technology, the Simple One is a tech enthusiast’s dream. It features a 7-inch TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling easy navigation and music control. The scooter supports over-the-air updates and offers four distinct riding modes, catering to a variety of user preferences.

Aesthetically, the Simple One is available in a range of colours, including single-tone and dual-tone variants, appealing to a wide customer base. Priced between Rs 1.45 lakh and Rs 1.50 lakh, it competes with major players like Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X, positioning itself as a premium offering in the market.

Simple Energy, the company behind the Simple One, is set to expand its presence with plans to open 140 to 150 showrooms across India in the next 8 to 10 months, signifying a significant step forward in India’s electric scooter segment​​​​​​​​.

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