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, 22Motors Flow – Indian Electric Scooter gets World’s First Hill Assist Technology for Two Wheelers
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22Motors Flow – Indian Electric Scooter gets World’s First Hill Assist Technology for Two Wheelers

Time to be a Proud Indian as 22Motors‘ upcoming Electric Scooter just got World’s First Hill Assist Technology for Two Wheelers.

22Motors filed for a Patent of their Hill Assist Technology on 7th February 2019.

On 9th May 2019, their Patent was granted.

And now they’ve announced it to be a part of their latest Electric Scooter!

22Motors is based out in Gurugram India.

Parveen Kharb, CEO of 22Motors had explained that we often undermine the risk of riding uphill with a Two Wheeler.

Cars are normally expected to always have all the safety features.

But, Scooters and Bike? Why shouldn’t they be safe?

Humans are All Equal and so are the passenger or a rider of any vehicle.

Everyone has an Equal right to safety.

What is Hill Assist Technology ?

Hill Assist Technology is a Feature of a vehicle which stops it from rolling back while riding an inclined plane.

Till Today, only Cars were expected to have a Hill Assist feature.

But 22Motors have made India proud by creating a similar feature for the Two Wheelers for the First Time in the World.

The Hill Assist Technology of 22Motors would automatically kick in whenever you would ride an inclined plane.

Dibakar Bala, Founder, EVehic.com

Other Features of 22Motors Electric Scooters

1. Reverse Mode

The Reverse Mode feature is really an interesting feature which lets the Rider pull out their vehicle from the Parking without putting much Physical Effort.

It is another great Technology as it addresses a common pain point of most scooter user who are tired to doing all the heavy-lifting while pulling out their vehicle from the parking lot.

2. Drag Mode

Another Extremely great Feature of 22Motors Scooter line.

The Drag Mode is basically a feature which lets you drag your Vehicle without putting much effort in case of a Flat Tire or a Breakdown.

There are 2 limitations to this feature though.

1. The Battery should remain intact despite the breakdown

2. It gives only a Range of 3 Kilometres while in Drag Mode.

Yet, the drag mode is surely another great Technological Feature which requires an applause!

3. AI System learning User behaviour

The vehicle also features an AI system that Learns User Behaviour over the time.

It computes your Servicing Schedule based on how you use the E Scooter.

The AI System is so smart that it can even predict which part of the Scooter needs to be Ordered and Replaced.

The AI system of 22Motors is basically designed to minimise the probability of a Breakdown.

4. Over the Cloud Data Analysis

This Feature is equipped to Analyse the Data collected by your Scooter over the cloud.

You only need an internet connection and you’ll have all the important results to help you with your Riding Experience.

5. Collision Detection Feature

The Collision Detection Feature alerts the Rider when they are riding to close to an obstruction.

22Motors Flow is equipped with a tons of other features.

Stay Tuned for more Updates about the same.

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